Launcher for Git repositories

Mac app that lets you instantly access your Git repositories & pull requests with only a few keystrokes.

Available for macOS 11.0+ Intel, M1.

Dashlook search panel image

Repositories at your fingertips

Stay on track with a single shortcut.

Repositories & Pull requests

Search for repositories or pull requests that you own, and instantly open them in the browser for further action.

Alternatively, pin your favorite repositories at the top for even quicker access.

Dashlook search panel image

Multiple Git providers

Add your GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab accounts (self-hosted included). Have multiple? Add as much as you need.

Configure multiple account providers

Native experience

Feel right at home with a natively built app that is lightweight and fast.

Choose between light and dark, switch off transparency, or change accent colors - it's all inherited from your system preferences.

Light and dark themes

Ready to power up your Git workflow?